Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Evidence-based Medicine - Is This New?

I am hearing this catch phrase fairly regularly recently, and I have to ask - is this actually something new? i mean, newer than, say, 50 years old, at least? Because if it is, good lord what has medicine been based on up until now? Tea leaves? Magic 8 balls? The whims of medical practitioners? Old wives' tales? All those millions of research studies that have been undertaken in the last half century - were they done purely for their entertainment value?

I must be missing something.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anuket,

do you have an email address?

I'd like to contact you privately w/r/t your analysis of parkinson's drugs and adverse events.

you can mail me @ thebusyant ^at^


p.s. I enjoy your writing. pointed, succinct and logical is always a good way to go.